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The Original range

The Original range

Our original range, mostly formulated with local honey from our hives, is perfect to heal and rehydrate your skin. It will seduce you with its delicate smell of roses.

Bloc Hyalin : Alum Stone 100% natural. Our alum stone called “Bloc Hyalin” is made of 100% natural origin (potassium alum). It can be used before or after shaving, as well as a natural deodorant. With softening, astringent, cauterizing and anti-bacterial properties it is perfect for the whole family. Metal protection box included.

Hyalomiel, Rose Fragrance : Regardless of the season, keep your complexion fresh and bright, and treat your skin with gentle honey perfume. Our Hyalomiel gel is easy to apply, and gently rehydrates your skin whenever you need it the most.

Balm, Rose Fragrance : Our Balm is made from 100% natural ingredients, organic shea butter and dandelion oil. It rehydrates and repairs your skin, and can be used on your lips, your hands, your face and even your hair. 

Botanical Body Wash : Our Botanical Body Wash is formulated with 98% natural ingredients and guaranteed free of sulfates. Enriched with essential oils of thyme, lavender, rosemary, orange and lemon for body and face, it is the secret of elegance for him and her.

Botanical Body Lotion : Our body lotion is formulated entirely with ingredients from natural origins, honey, essential oil of thyme, rosemary and lavender. It has been dermatologically tested, and nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Soothing Candle : Made with 100% natural vegetal wax, our soothing, peaceful candle will brighten your rooms with its delicate fragrance of honey and rose powder. It is the perfect companion for a sunny summer day, or a rainy afternoon tucked under your favourite blanket.