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Launched in 2019, our “Paris 190” range is the embodiment of the French Belle Epoque era and Art Nouveau. Authentic and natural, it is a true testament to our century-old expertise.

Beauty Mask : Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, this face mask deeply nourishes, rehydrates, and repairs your skin leaving behind a delicate scent of honey.

Beauty Cream : Our silky face and neck cream is formulated with 98% natural ingredients. Your skin will look bright and replenished with a subtle powder finish and scent of delicate fragrance.

Gentle Shampoo : Made with honey from our hives and 97% natural ingredient, this gentle shampoo will moisturize, brighten, and smooth your hair and scalp.

Soft Body Cream : This silky body milk is made with 95% natural ingredients. It will help moisturize and nourish your skin, leaving a thin protective film that helps protect your skin.

Beauty Cream for Hands : Thanks to its light and soft texture, our gentle hand cream will moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. It is made with organic honey from our hives.

Body Soap : Also made with honey from our hives, this soap is enriched with olive oil and shea butter, protecting your skin and leaving a delicate fragrance on your body.

How are made our green PE packaging  ?

Polyethylene is conventionally produced from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas, and is found in many everyday products: food packaging, cosmetics, beverages, bags, among others. Green plastic is a polyethylene made from a renewable raw material: ethanol from sugarcane. This Green Polyethylene exhibits the same characteristics as the petrochemical polyethylene, in application, performance, and especially recycling.

Is it possible to verify the difference between a green PE tube and a petrochimical polyethylene tube ?

Green Polyethylene tube made from sugarcane ethanol has the same physical properties as conventional polyethylene, made from fossil raw material.

It is impossible to detect the difference between the two plastics by visual analysis, since both are the same regarding color, appearance and texture.